16 Kitchen Items to Buy on Amazon’s Japanese Storefront

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If you’ve ever wanted a taste of Japan without the 1pm flight, now is your chance. Amazon has an under-the-radar section full of amazing Japanese cooking products to buy. The retailer has partnered with the Japan External Trade Organization in an effort to make it easier to bring Japanese-made items right to your doorstep. And, there’s no shortage of great items to buy, from Japanese kitchen utensils and clay pots to teapots, mandolins, knives and specialty utensils – all made by Japanese artisans or Japanese brands.

Pricing starts at just $14, with many products costing less than $100. You’ll find featured kitchen categories such as tableware, cookware, and small appliances. And whether you’re looking to whip up traditional Japanese cuisine at home or refresh your existing collection with some exciting new gadgets, this display case is a great place to start. Additionally, there are also things like groceries, toys, household items, and beauty products to buy.

When it comes to practical kitchen finds, these ceramic plates are perfect. For just $17, the set of four provides a great place to hold your soy sauce, salts, sauces and toppings. Another smart choice is this Japanese-style peeler, which makes peeling vegetables, fruits, and ginger easy. It works like a knife but without the bulk of a blade, with stainless steel construction, an angled head, and a comfortable grip that’ll keep you picking it up again and again. Plus, it has a safety case to keep the blade covered when not in use.

If you’ve ever wanted to create crinkle-style veggies without the need for a mandolin, this funky crinkle-shaped knife is your best bet. Potatoes, zucchini, carrots and more have never been easier, and its plastic handle makes it easy to grip.

If you are looking for a versatile piece to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, take a look at this ceramic pottery bowl. Handcrafted by Japanese artisans, it’s an Ochawan-style bowl that’s as perfect for morning oatmeal or matcha as it is for soups, donburi rice bowls and everything in between. Alternatively, if you’ve always wanted to make Japanese-style omelets at home, grab this square pan. It comes with a wooden lid and a small square copper construction that makes it easy to roll and shape your omelet to your liking.

Another great find? This ceramic drip coffee maker. With two holes on the bottom, it fits snugly on top of your coffee cup and the liquid flows directly into your cup. Plus, its deep curved construction is easy to adjust over the top of your cup, and the open base prevents spillage as you can see where the coffee is.