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There is an archetypical depiction of chefs on TV or in movies that is more idealistic than realistic. They are often slightly disheveled and like to show up unannounced at a tense dinner table to serve what appears to be a spontaneously made, yet incredibly tasty stir-fry. Then the table feud stops and the topic instantly shifts to “How did you manage to do that then crunchy?” or “What did you use to cook that?” The chef smiles and happily responds with a list of kitchen gadgets that made it all easier.

This type of leader knows exactly what he is doing. They know they can make everyone happy with their craft, but they can’t do it without the help of the best kitchen gadgets. That’s why they stock up on smart essentials – air fryer, sous vide, cast iron skillet or just a really good Japanese knife – to give substance to their meals, make them a better cook and, oh, to always have the perfect conversation starter.

As for who’s the chef, it could be a wise abuela, a white-haired Michelin star holder, a young social media personality, or even you in real life. And if you’re the chef in your home and can’t live without constant access to the kitchen, you’ll also need the best kitchen gadgets and tools, just like the chef you see on screen. Ahead, we’ve got 22 of the coolest kitchen gadgets below — from splurge-worthy appliances to easy accessories — that’ll make every meal you cook worthy of a “how did you do it?” conversation.

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Nano Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Here’s how a sous-vide (“sue-veed”) works: you vacuum seal your food (poultry, fish, vegetables, red meat, etc.) then put it in a pan of water with the device, select the desired temperature, then head back to, IDK, cure cancer, solve Chicago Tylenol or run for the presidency, then back to perfectly prepared, sprinkled food.

This oil dispenser set has gone viral for a reason: it’s so pretty. The mist maker or oil pump sprayer helps even out coverage and keeps you from over-pouring. Then the dispensing bottle engages during those “one teaspoon of oil” or “two tablespoons of oil” recipe moments. And both have a measuring tank at the top. Portion control, people.

More smart meat thermometer

For the grill master, this clever accessory clips into your roast chicken or lamp chop and probes the internal temperature, ensuring every bite thereafter is completely satisfying and Salmonella-free. And it’s completely wireless, the first of its kind.

Beast blender + hydration system

For those who enjoy blending fresh produce for creamy smoothies or healthy juices in the morning, or blending margaritas after they get home from work, this Esquire Gadget Award-winning blender will truly, really mixed. Aside from a smart instinct for speed, it also has ice crushing strength for your forgotten ingredients to defrost.

$730 at Food52

If there’s one 12-in-1 pressure cooker born in old money, it’s Vermicular’s Musui-Kamado. It combines cast iron craftsmanship from the 80-year-old Hijikata family foundry in Japan with precise induction heating.

Stagg ECG Electric Kettle

$165 at nordstrom

$165 at williams sonoma

Upgrade the black hole that is your glass coffee maker with Fellow’s electric kettle. It features: precise temperature control, fast heating, optimal flow, timer, and ridiculously good looks. It will be rather useful in your morning coffee ritual.

Few kitchens have a sparkling water or soda maker, and yet we want sparkling soda water all the time. The Aarke III, priced to match its looks, is cordless, easy to use, customizable, and creates subtle, smaller bubbles that won’t make you burp.

We know you have your stove, your oven and your pot. But we know for sure that you don’t have a wok. Especially one that can heat better than a microwave and then cool quickly like taking an ice bath. You’ll fry shrimp in it, whip up your egg set in it, or even redo your leftovers in it. See, woks don’t have to be cheesy.

$299 at blueberry

This isn’t your average Joe of a toaster oven; it toasts as it steams, creating golden baked goods that are crispy on the outside but moist and warm on the inside. You won’t know what a fancy bakery looks like until you’ve eaten a bagel, or a pizza, or a muffin, or a croissant, or a brioche.

TRNR Double Rotation Waffle Maker

Ghetto Gastro, an activist-minded culinary collective from the Bronx, has teamed up with Crux for a line of downright cool kitchen appliances, the coolest of which is this waffle maker, which won an Esquire 2021 Home Design Awards. It can bake up to eight Belgian waffles in just 10 minutes, with browning control, indicator lights, dishwasher safety, and a bold design (those racks!) to boot.

$200 at Bed Bath & Beyond

$200 at Walmart

Ice Cream Maker: Good for those with a sweet tooth, even better for those with a discerning palate for gelatos, smoothie bowls, milkshakes, mixes, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more. Ninja’s CREAMi can do it all and customize.

A dull knife is a faux pas in the kitchen. This sleek and simple sharpener keeps your blade of choice as sharp as possible without taking up a lot of space. Just run your knife over it a few times and it will be shiny – beautiful! – and ready to slice a piece of raw Japanese A5 Wagyu steak.

It’s called the “Always” pan because you’ll always be using this all-purpose miracle worker that has successfully filled a frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, frying pan, sauce boat, saucepan , etc. As for what or how can you cook in it, the sky is the limit.

We wouldn’t be doing our job here if we didn’t indoctrinate you into the holy church of the air fryer, the most magnificent of all kitchen appliances. Cosori’s air fryer pushes for maximum crispiness without up to 85% oil in fries, nuggets or any breaded comfort food. It also cooks quickly and accurately, thanks to the automatic temperature setting. With it, you’re an air fryer guy in the making.

This will turn throwing away food scraps into an eco-friendly habit. Here’s how: The FoodCycler will break down leftover food and turn it into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your soil. And yes, it eliminates odors, you won’t even know it’s there.

$370 at williams sonoma

If you like Keurig’s way of making coffee from K-Cup pods, easy as pie, then you’ll definitely like the Bartesian. You also need capsules, except for cocktail ingredients concocted by real mixologists, to mix margaritas or old-fashioned ones at home.

Dish drainer above the sink

Unlike most other over-the-sink drying racks, this one is extendable, meaning you can roll it up to store in your drawer or roll it up to air dry both the little ones. objects like bottles and large ones like pot lids.

With this ingenious knife, the elaborate modus operandi of making toast with a pot, spatula, and pan will be shortened to simply coating and spreading, as it can melt butter as you apply it.

After years of making eggs at seven in the morning, but never mastering an egg sammy (the bagel is key), this sandwich maker will prove both useful and well-designed. It will assemble all your sandwich layers and prepare your breakfast in just five minutes.

Digital kitchen scale with bowl

This scale is packed with great features – unit conversion, removable mixing bowl, five measuring modes – for your calorie-controlled diet or your meticulously prepared recipes.

The next time you want to poach eggs or boil eggs to perfection for breakfast, you won’t have to shuffle your pots and pans on the stovetop. This cooker can cook any style, even for sandwiches and omelettes.

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