Best smart coffee makers: Your new favorite kitchen gadget

If you’re running out of smart tech to add to your home, now you can add a smart coffee maker to the list. A fun kitchen gadget and useful accessory for caffeine lovers, smart coffee makers let you place your coffee order from your phone. Connect your device to your smart coffee machine, plug in your preferences – think temperature, aroma and strength – and enjoy your cup.

With many smart coffee makers featuring touch or button controls and voice command technology, you have the flexibility to brew your coffee the way you want. You can tap, tap, scroll or just shout to get your brew on the go.

From pourers and roasters to pod devices and bean-to-cup coffee machines, we’ve included a variety of smart coffee machines in our roundup below, so you can find the one that’s right for your drinking habits. coffee.

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Best smart coffee makers for 2022

Melitta TS Barista Smart Espresso and Coffee Machine

With sleek touch controls and a choice of 21 different coffees, you can bring chic office coffee machine life to your home with this smart Melitta coffee machine. Espresso, cappuccino, café crème and latte macchiato are all up for grabs. The app lets you control the brew temperature, coffee strength and number of shots, so you can turn your phone into your own personal barista.

There is also a grinder so you can brew coffee with your favorite beans. The grinder also features a quiet design, so it shouldn’t wake the whole household. You can even put the removable brew unit in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup.

Lavazza a modo mio voice

Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy coffee machine

This smart coffee machine from popular coffee company Lavazza features voice command technology that lets you ask Alexa to brew you a coffee. You can even request a hotter coffee if you are unhappy with the temperature.

The customizable coffee feature is particularly fun – use the app to create your perfect drink, give it a name, then just ask Alexa for your personalized drink order.

It’s pod-friendly, which might be a deal breaker if you’re more of a freshly brewed fan, but might do the trick for a quick espresso fix. It’s also on the most affordable scale of smart coffee machines.

For smarter technology:

Siemens home connect smart bean to cup coffee machine

Siemens smart coffee machine

The colorful touch and slide display screen of this Siemens coffee machine is a welcome addition to the user experience, just browse the menu and choose your favourite. There are even photos of the cafes if you need inspiration.

One for serious coffee lovers, there are over 30 drink options available which you can display on the screen or app, and you can even control the flavor profile and opt for mild, balanced or distinctive.

This smart coffee maker saves you 15 individual coffees, so it’s well suited for large households and small offices. Go to a coffee shop complete with the milk frother and enjoy the high level of coffee offered by a bean to cup machine.

Goat Story GINA coffee maker

Goat Story Gina Coffee Infuser

Named GINA, this smart coffee maker from coffee company Goat Story certainly fits the bill for a minimalist, edgy cafe if that’s the look you’re after. There are three steeping options with this sleek kitchen gadget: the classic pour, an immersion style technique for stronger flavor, and if you have a few hours to kill, the cold drip style. The latter involves letting water slowly drip over ground coffee beans for a long time to create a smooth, liqueur-like drink. If you’re looking to expand your barista knowledge and experiences, this should be a fun coffee shop toy to play with.

The most practical part is the integrated scale. Measure your coffee without having to look for separate equipment and view the data on the app. The app also offers helpful tips and brewing guides so you can master your technique.

Ikawa, smart roasting system for the home

Smart Home Coffee Roasting System

Another beautiful smart coffee gadget for visitors and other coffee lovers to admire. Rather than functioning as a coffee maker, it’s a smart roaster that lets you turn unroasted green coffee beans into the roasted coffee beans we all know and love. Simply pour your coffee beans into the device, press the button and let the roasting begin. You can roast in less than 10 minutes, so it’s a pretty quick process.

The app lets you track the roast in real time, select specific roast recipes, and create your own recipe collection. Definitely one for the more advanced coffee lover willing to dedicate an entire morning to a brew.

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