Hilarious mum redoes fashionable photo shoot with Zara using foil and balloons

Karla Hughes, a 33-year-old GP receptionist from Manchester, has started recreating bizarre Zara photoshoots with everyday objects like balloons and tin foil for hilarious effect.

Zara’s photo shoot on the left and Carla’s model on the right

A mum has redone a number of giant High Street Zara photo shoots in hilarious recreations.

From wrapping tin foil around her head to clinging to a number of multicolored balloons, Karla Hughes has kept her friends and loved ones entertained during lockdown.

The mum-of-two was first inspired by this hilarious project when she was shopping at Zara with her two children, Manchester Evening News reports .

She was left baffled by some of the awkward poses that Zara models held while presenting items.

So, after a particularly stressful shift as a receptionist at her local GP practice, she decided it would be a good idea to piece one together.

Carla’s brilliant recreations have kept spirits up during the toughest times of the pandemic for her and her fellow GPs


Carla Hughes / Zara)

Carla tagged Zara in the very first and it gave the frontline worker and her colleagues “something to laugh about” during otherwise dark times.

Working with her 10-year-old son as a photographer, she collects random items from around the house to use as props.

She said: “I’m pretty good at it, aren’t I? My job is quite stressful and I’ve been working through the pandemic.

“But when I got home, I just wanted to laugh and do something to make people smile.

“I work at a GP in Manchester city centre, and we deal with thousands of patients and walk-in visits, and it’s been really difficult for us through Covid.

“I’m a bigger girl, and it’s an automatic thing for me to want to make people laugh.

She recreated the snaps of the high street giant with the help of her two children


Carla Hughes / Zara)

“It’s hard juggling the kids, getting them to school, working long hours and staying sane.

“I shop at Zara for my kids and love a lot of stuff there, but I find the model photos so funny.”

The 30-year-old from Manchester isn’t the first person to question the odd and often bizarre positions and poses that Zara models adopt.

In her first snap, she wrapped kitchen foil around her head to mimic the models and in another she stood with her back hunched over in a brown trench coat.

One of the final photos shows her standing with various balloons stuck to her sides and body, replicating the model.

Another makes him wear his coat inside out.

Zara has long raised eyebrows with some of her photo shoots and modeling poses


Carla Hughes / Zara)

To help with the hilarious photoshoot, her daughter scours the house for different clothes.

An Instagram page, @Awkwardzara, has already amassed 66,000 followers by posting a feed of “awkward poses” taken by models on Zara’s website, with comedic captions below.

The retailer has made various headlines over the years as shoppers reacted to various bizarre poses, including models standing on stovetops in high heels or carrying a handbag over their heads.

She said: “Every time I see their photos they are so weird. They advertise a coat while lying upside down on a chair or standing in a weird pose.

“I did my own versions last year and everyone thought it was so hilarious, so I wanted to do it again.

“My kids get involved and find it so funny too. I don’t buy anything new, I just use things I already have at home.”

In her latest post, Carla tagged the Spanish retailer, writing, “Zara…still waiting to hear from you!”

However, they have yet to offer him a contract.

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