Kris Jenner’s Stunning Immaculate Kitchen Could Rival a Grocery Store

Georgia Brown

The Kardashians‘ mom Kris Jenner recently moved into an epic $20 million mansion in LA’s posh Hidden Hills neighborhood — and its chic, color-coordinated fridge could rival a grocery store.

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Taking to Instagram to wish her close friend Faye Resnick a happy birthday, the mother-of-six gave fans an accidental glimpse of her gorgeous kitchen. The 66-year-old star posed in front of a stunning black fridge completely stocked with greens and fruits.

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The backdrop of Kris’ kitchen was the perfect place to snap her stunning dress, which cascaded across the floor in an electric green hue.

The celebrity mom is incredibly proud of her immaculate fridge setup. So much so that her daughter Kourtney devoted an entire blog post to her mom’s cooking on her lifestyle blog, Poosh.

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Only Kris Jenner would coordinate her outfit perfectly with her fridge

“She has two refrigerators, the middle one of which is the highlight with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs perfectly organized and displayed.

“Then another fridge on the right which is also very well organized with drinks, condiments etc.

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“To the left is her freezer, which is always stocked with her favorite selection of ice cream,” Kourtney writes. Yes, an entire freezer is dedicated to ice cream.

It seems that Kris’ influence is rubbing off on her children, as Kim Kardashian is also the proud owner of immaculate refrigerators.

Kim’s pantry is just as impressive as Kris’ pristine fridge

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared an incredible behind-the-scenes look at their home on Instagram Stories, revealing that not only do the family have two kitchens, but also two pantries, multiple freezers and a huge walk-in fridge for store all their food fresh.

One fridge in the room is dedicated entirely to beverages, while another holds cartons of milk and fresh juice.

“However, let me show you something,” Kim said in the video, as she walked to a second kitchen hidden away in her home and opened the door to her massive walk-in refrigerator.

“It’s the kitchen where it all happens, and guys, I have a walk-in fridge where we keep all of our fresh, organic produce.”

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