The 10 Craziest Episodes Of Kitchen Nightmares, Ranked

Most of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows tout the pinnacle of culinary success, showing professionals and amateurs stretching their skills to become top chefs. Nightmares in the kitchen is a whole different kind of show, showing the other side of the culinary world.

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Gordon Ramsay’s tough demeanor is completely understandable in the horrifying conditions and in opposition to the pugnacious attitudes he faces on this show. While some episodes are heartwarming, others are downright crazy. These episodes show the worst of the worst and are not for those with sensitive stomachs.


ten Casa Roma: Season 3, Episode 7

Casa Roma

A mother-son duo with no restaurant experience between them tries to make a failing historic restaurant a success. But while the place is packed with patrons for the bar, the restaurant itself is another matter. It took Chef Ramsay over an hour to get food delivered, and when it finally did, he could squeeze the food like a sponge and squeeze out a stream of water and grease.

There’s a lot of tension between Chef Ramsay and the restaurant’s cook, who doesn’t respect Ramsay’s accomplishments and whose catchphrase for every problem is, “Well, what can you do?” It’s so bad, chef Ramsay tells them to close the restaurant in the middle of the service. And when he returns the next day to inspect the kitchen and bathrooms, it ends in vomiting because it’s some of the rudest things ever shown on Nightmares in the kitchen.

9 Nino’s Italian Restaurant: Season 6, Episode 10

At Nino's

A family establishment falls into disrepair due to the mismanagement of their son Nino, who eats and talks to customers instead of running the restaurant and has a habit of announcing his name as if he were a superhero. Nino’s eccentricities and combative attitude resulted in one of the most intense arguments of all time. Nightmares in the kitchen.

Nino insists he constantly cleans, but the restaurant is a mess and he has a line to everything Chef Ramsay says. But as Nino finally learns to step up a gear, a confrontation between him and his siblings, as well as the cooks, threatens to perpetuate the restaurant’s ill fortune.

8 Health Le Brea: Season 2, Episode 11

Health Le Brea

While Chef Ramsay tends to call bad cooking “dog dinner,” in this episode he literally feeds his neighbor’s dog his meal! The restaurant is out of control with rotten food, poor management, a chef who doesn’t show up and can do anything, and excessively sweaty staff.

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Gordon Ramsay does the typical makeover and menu fixes, but what’s crazy about this episode is that he calls the police to arrest the owner before dinner service just to prove a point. Other crazy highlights include the owner wavering between being too passive to operate and being overly aggressive with his staff and a chef threatening to leave in the middle of service on launch night.

7 Sebastian: season 1, episode 6

by Sebastian

While some episodes of Nightmares in the kitchen are crazy because of the large number of problems with restaurants, this one should have been easy, because there really is only one: a completely crazy owner.

Some of his concepts that just don’t work include an incomprehensible “flavor combo” menu, baking every item frozen, and an obsession with candor. As usual, Ramsay has worked hard to make Sebastian a concept that could really work, but the owner is resisting, especially any changes to the menu, reversing the changes in the middle of dinner service and leading to chaos in the kitchen.

6 Prohibition Grid: Season 6, Episode 14

Prohibition grid

Professional belly dancer Rishi tries to own and run the Prohibition Grille with a lazy chef, no idea what’s going on in the kitchen, and frequent belly dancing shows. The waiters refuse to eat their own restaurant’s food because they “know better”, but owner Rishi doesn’t seem to understand what’s wrong.

But as bizarre as the landlady might be, audiences must pity her when they see how manipulated she has been by her head chef. The meats all arrive undercooked and almost everything was cooked the week before and served, even if spoiled. But he convinces her that she’s worthless without him until Chief Ramsey showers her with some love. This episode may be crazy, but it’s also heartbreaking.

5 Oceana: season 4, episode 14


Rats, cockroaches and spoiled food. This New Orleans restaurant enjoys a prime location, but the owners regularly run into all kinds of issues regarding the success of their restaurant. The Chiefs take Chief Ramsay’s criticisms with a combination of anger and laughter, and when he tries to level them, they lie in response.

“It’s not bad food. These are bad opinions, ”says the chef, who does not want to accept any criticism. “Anyone talks like that, gets cut and fed to the alligators,” one owner says of the way Gordon Ramsey talks to him. Watch for drama, but be careful not to take this restaurant’s portrayal in the episode too seriously—they have already continued the series twice how they were represented there.

4 Burger Kitchen: Season 5, Episodes 5 & 6

The burger kitchen

In order to open the restaurant of his dreams, a man steals $250,000 from his son’s inheritance. If that wasn’t enough, he sinks the restaurant into the ground. But he knows it can’t be his fault…it’s because of a plot by Yelp to destroy his life’s dream!

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The chef is not allowed to cook anything other than the owners recipes, the ticketing system is a disaster and the food is constantly being sent back raw. But that’s just the start of the madness, as the father yells at the son, the son yells at the chef, and the customers and Chef Ramsey end up with mediocre food and a headache.

3 Dillons: Season 1, Episode 2

The Dillon Lounge

In this episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” there are more issues than no one seems to know what to do at a restaurant described as an “American Irish diner with an Indian twist.” The menu is confusing for patrons and cooks alike, and the swarms of bugs throughout the kitchen are sure to turn audiences’ stomachs.

Some of the craziest features of this episode include Gordon Ramsay’s incorrect food service, three unhelpful managers, food cooking on the floor, and lots of rotten and moldy food. The managers feel personally insulted by Ramsay’s rage, but they should feel lucky not to have been sued or beaten by their customers, given these conditions. Ramsay gives the restaurant a deep clean, transforms the menu and the design of the place, and sets the standard for how the restaurant should be run going forward.

2 Mill Street Bistro: Season 6, Episodes 11 & 12

Mill Street Bistro

This owner/chef proudly claims he owns the best restaurant in the United States, and he won’t let anyone, including Chef Ramsay, tell him otherwise. While Gordon Ramsay had fun mocking the restaurant with the waiters, the mood with the chef was considerably more confrontational.

When Chef Ramsay tries to explain all the problems to him, the owner calls himself Gordon Ramsey’s twin, to which Chef Ramsay replies “I can cook”. This is one episode fans won’t want to miss, featuring one of the craziest owners Hell’s Kitchen has ever seen.

1 Amy’s Baking Company: Season 6, Episode 16

Amy's Baking Company

“The customer isn’t always right,” says the owner and chef of Amy’s Baking Company, as she sends a customer a pizza she hopes will hurt him. At this Arizona restaurant, anyone who criticizes the food is rudely told to leave the restaurant, as husband and wife Samy and Amy try to figure out what problem their restaurant might be facing.

These restaurateurs expect Chef Ramsay to tell them they’re perfect and everyone else is wrong, and that’s not happening at all. While theirs may be the cleanest kitchen Chef Ramsay has ever visited, it’s definitely a nightmare, and definitely worth watching for anyone who wants to see the craziest episode of Kitchen Nightmares never aired.

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