What a sustainable, well-stocked kitchen looks like, according to a zero-waste chef

Like so many others in the restaurant industry, Camilla Marcus felt the stress of the pandemic after closing her business, which was the first certified zero-waste restaurant in New York. Today, it lives up to her name, West~Borne, with a new venture focused on zero-waste, plant-based provisions.

Marcus’ array of nourishing snacks, spices and pantry staples echoes the values ​​of mindfulness and sustainability that inspired his upbringing in Los Angeles. We spoke with Marcus from West~Borne and the choices she makes in her kitchen at home.

Camilla Marcus is chef and founder of West~Bourne.

“I like to do a little thing I call ‘playing jazz in the kitchen.’ Part zero waste, part creativity – this is when I take any leftover or edible food scraps (think broccoli stalks) to create a meal tune. donabe, which I also like to use to make rice. Perfect every time.”

Rikyu Tokusa Donabe

This is a very classic style donabe that you can use for a wide variety of dishes. In Japan, almost every household has at least one classic-style donabe and most often uses it to cook hot dishes (“nabe”) including shabu shabu and yosenabe on a table to enjoy with family and friends .

“Composting can seem a little overwhelming for anyone just getting started. I’ve found that a simple trash can makes it easy to store food scraps and West~Bourne pouches (yes, they’re compostable). Small steps make big changes.”

Bamboozle Bamboo Compost Bin

A modern compost bin that eliminates food waste and looks great in the process. For almost everyone, food waste is an inevitable part of everyday life.

“I do my best to buy vintage as much as possible when it comes to my home, and I’m a big fan of finding vintage wood for my kitchen. Whether you’re shopping at a market, store, or online, search and organize as many vintage wooden boards, spoons, rolling pins and bowls as you can find.

Etsy is a great place to find vintage pieces for your kitchen.

“Part of sustainable living is storing leftover ingredients efficiently. I love these glass jars for storing sauces, soups, vegetables and more. They’re also great for storing citrus fruits and/or pickles.”

Turnco Wood Goods Glass Jars with Hand Turned Wood Lids

Put a lid on it. Your food storage game just got a big update. We can think of a million uses for these airtight jars, especially since they come in so many sizes (16 ounces up to a gallon, take your pick!).

“After eliminating single-use paper products, these have become a staple in my home. They’re durable, washable, and perfect for any messes.”

Morihata International Striped Japanese Linen Kitchen Towels

Sunny stripes. True story: A good tea towel is absorbent, dries quickly and breathes. A big one is all of those things, and beautiful to boot.

“It’s the pot that gets better with time. Perfect for almost any meal, a Staub Dutch oven is a prime example that quality is better than quantity.”

Staub Essential Oven, 3.75 Quart

Staub enameled cast iron cookware is the first choice for chefs and home cooks. Steeped in French culinary heritage, Staub’s famous cocottes are timeless pieces, perfect for casual meals or sumptuous dinners.

“A microplane is one of my kitchen gadgets that I can’t live without.”

Microplane Master Series Zester with Walnut Handle

Expect rewarding things. From the company’s Master Series – and it lives up to its title – this grater means business.

“There’s nothing more cozy and comforting than the smell of an open fire. I stock up on these candles. It’s my favorite way to set the mood when cooking or dining. with family.”

Wood fire / Wood fire candle Diptych

The candle flame is enclosed in a mouth blown colored glass container. Reminiscent of the crackling of an open fire. Warm and familiar on winter days.

“I’m currently pregnant with baby number three, so I’ve swapped my usual glass (or two) of wine – for the creative process – for my all-time favorite soft drink, Ghia. Made from plants, Ghia gives me all the energy without alcohol.”

Ghia Le Spritz

Just like we’re not asking you to choose between burger and fries, mussels and fries or Sonny and Cher, we don’t think you should choose your favorite Spritz.

“I always start cooking by setting the mood with the perfect playlist. Usually it’s a jazz or hip-hop record, but whatever plays sets the tone for the meal I’m preparing and the shared experience that we have around the table.”

Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN Brown Belt-Drive Turntable

2-speed manual belt drive turntable in brown color.

“Revamp your pantry with our sustainably sourced spices. These home cooking essentials in reusable and upcycled glass jars will inspire you to unlock the superNatural power of vegetables.”

West~Bourne Seasoning Starter Kit

These must-haves will bring our Californian flavors to your table, day after day. Top it off with our homemade Earthy Herb Spice and Smoky Pepper Spice, our Pistachio Dukkah and of course, our Chili Oil.